PO Box 2422
Charlottetown PO Central, PE C1A 8C1



Dear Wicked EH Customers,

Firstly, we truly hope that you and your loved ones are safe and have sustained minimal impacts from Hurricane Fiona. The devastation that our beautiful island has sustained is truly unbelievable. Our thoughts have been with you and all islanders as we weathered through this storm to the best of our ability.

We have been fortunate that not only did our towers make it through the storm seemingly unscathed, our power back ups have held and kept our network live. If you have power and your equipment was not damaged during the storm, you should have service. Many customers with generators have been in touch and have reported they have not lost internet throughout the duration of the storm and its aftermath.


Our towers have enough backup power, provided by propane fueled generators, to run for approximately five days. As soon as the generators kicked on, we started working on setting up a delivery in anticipation the tanks would run low. When we were finally able to connect with our propane supplier, they too were impacted by the hurricane which eliminated their ability to make timely deliveries. We immediately contacted the Emergency Management Organization of Prince Edward Island (EMO) for help. EMO is working closely with us to get propane delivered as quickly as possible. We are all working as diligently as possible to make sure you stay connected, or get reconnected to the internet.

At this point, Tuesday, September 27th, about 6PM, we are estimating we have approximately four hours of propane left to keep the tower live. We are aware that Maritime Electric crews are working in the general vicinity of our tower. This work is very unsafe as there are an abundance of lines and trees down around our site. We are anticipating our network could go down in the coming hours until we can safely receive a propane delivery, or power is restored by Maritime Electric.

If the tower loses power, we will send out a communication when power has been restored. At that point, if you still do not have internet access after the power outage has been resolved, please contact us so we can restore your connectivity.


The only way to reach us at this time for support or service is via email. Please use support@wickedeh.net. Like many on the island, our phone systems are down. We realize that many may not receive this communication due to the lack of power or cellular service. We will also post this notice on our website www.wickedeh.net. If you are in touch with neighbors or friends who are customers, please share this information with them.
Whether or not you have power, and as soon as it’s convenient for you, please take a look at your equipment. If the dish appears moved or damaged, please let us know. As safely and as quickly as possible we are working on servicing these accounts.

If the towers lose power, we will be back online as soon as power is restored, either by Maritime Electric efforts or via a propane delivery for the generator. As mentioned above, our network did not sustain any apparent damages and we do not anticipate any difficulties with resuming regular service once power is restored.

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