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Help #CrunchACure #PEICOVID19

Hey! Do you have a computer? Do you want to help find a cure for COVID19? Well, you can help too!  We’ve set up a team of computers to help scientists crunch a solution to the pandemic and we’d love your help!  This works on all computers, Windows, MAC, Linux, etc.

Rosetta@Home Project’s Role in Fighting Coronavirus

We are happy to report that the Rosetta molecular modeling suite was recently used to accurately predict the atomic-scale structure of an important coronavirus protein weeks before it could be measured in the lab. Knowledge gained from studying this viral protein is now being used to guide the design of novel vaccines and antiviral drugs.
Importantly, structural biologists are quickly gaining insights into what the proteins that make up this virus look like and how they function. One viral protein in particular — the spike protein — allows SARS-CoV-2 to fuse its membrane with those on human cells, leading to infection. -Institute for Protein Design

It’s really easy to set up too: