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Broken Fibre in Nova Scotia – Statement


Dear Wicked EH? subscribers,

In full transparency, we wanted to provide a timeline as to what caused services to go offline at 2:30 PM 4/14/21. This event is a two-fold event, culminating with complete repairs around 5 AM 4/16/21 and internet services and core services coming online at 6:48 AM 4/16/21. We will provide the timeline we received as it occurred, and then provide more detail below.

4/14/21 2:27 PM:

First reports of outage from Wicked EH Subscribers.

4/14/21 2:34 PM:

First phone call with upstream providers to determine the cause.

4/14/21 2:50 PM:

We are informed of an “elevated incident” in Nova Scotia, detailing a vehicular accident causing damage to fibre optic transport cable.

4/14/21 4:00 PM:

We are provided with the maintenance window of 4 PM to 8 PM for repairs to be completed.

4/14/21 9:15 PM:

We are informed repairs are ongoing.

4/14/21 11:30 PM:

We are informed repairs are ongoing.

4/15/21 4:30 AM:

After attempting to contact the fibre-carrier we are informed that the initial maintenance did not fix the problem and the technicians will be back on-site at 6 AM 4/15/21 to complete repairs.

4/15/21 10:00 AM:

We are informed of a secondary ” elevated incident” in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, which is the cause of the additional outage, and that repairs have begun.

4/15/21 1:00 PM:

We are informed of the details of the secondary “elevated incident” (detailed below) and given a new maintenance window of 2:00 PM – 8:00 PM.

4/15/21 8:00 PM:

We are informed that repairs are ongoing and the damage was more extensive than originally stated.

4/16/21 4:45 AM:

Fibre-optics have been repaired and our backend services are reconnected to our upstream gateway.

4/16/21 6:48 AM:

Upstream sessions are restored and internet services are once again working.


At 2:30 PM on April 14 2021 a vehicle accident took place which damaged a fibre-optic cable in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This cable has many fibres inside and we utilize one of them to get internet to PEI. When the cable was damaged it severed our link with our provider. After the damage was located a timeline was provided to us that service teams would have repairs completed during the maintenance window on 4/14-4/15. We remained in close contact with our provider during this time period, as well as after those repairs were completed which did not bring our systems back online. Our provider was unaware of any further issues that could cause this to be continuing and reached back out to the fibre carrier to determine the root cause. At approximately 6 AM on 4/15/21 the fibre carrier informed our provider that there was something else causing problems and they were trying to locate the issue.

We were informed at 10 AM 4/15/21 that at some point during the initial “maintenance window” that a secondary “incident” occurred of criminal nature. This matter is currently under investigation with the RCMP and therefore we are not able to release information respecting that incident at this time.

We hope this helps inform you and answer any questions you have about the outage.